At this time, OCD is solely focused on providing small business support with cultural health assessments, recommendations for improvement (i.e. interventions), and follow-up support as needed.
Typically, the turn around is 2 to 6 weeks.  Variables include number of values being assessed, request for new value design and development, and time required to receive input from individuals within your organization. 
Once we receive your inquiry form, we typically require a few business days to review your information and reach out to schedule an initial meeting for further discovery.
No, we do not charge any fees although we do appreciate any size donation to help or non-profit to improve our service, so we may help more organizations like yours.
A donation may be made via our Facebook page @

Thank you for you assistance in our quest to help organizations like yours obtain healthier cultures.
An organization with a poor or undefined culture is missing an opportunity to assist, guide, and prosper in many ways, such as happier employees, higher productivity, improved product and service quality, happier Customers, etc.  More to be shared during our initial meeting.